Show-Me SCOTUS Ruling Against Missouri LGBT Community Coming Soon

Elections have consequences . . . Here's one of many . . .

"The court could rule next year that federal civil rights law doesn’t prevent employers from firing people for being gay, bisexual or transgender. If the court decides against the employees in the cases, Missouri’s estimated 180,000 LGBTQ adults would be left with little recourse against discrimination in the workplace."

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Missouri LGBTQ Workers Prepare For 'Terrifying' Supreme Court Rulings In 2020

It's a brisk Sunday morning, and nearly 100 people are singing hymns at the steps of St. Louis City Hall. The congregation waves rainbow and transgender pride flags and hoists picket signs that demand civil rights for LGBTQ workers. Among the protesters is Beth Gombos, who says they're "terrified" by the possible outcomes of three ongoing U.S Supreme Court cases.


  1. Just keep your fag shit to yourself and everything is fine.

    It's that simple.

  2. One obvious rule should be a male pretending to be female should not be hired to coach female athletes, and vice versa. Another, is no trannies are allowed into the company bathrooms that don't match their genitals.

    WTF?! Wait!!!

    Laws should be made and enforced that totally require all gender-benders to work from home. Nobody sane wants that cray crap in civil society, or their workplace.

  3. The Supreme Court might just surprise us. In reality, who gives a shit about what our coworkers do (or more realistically don't do) in the privacy of their own homes?

  4. 7:31 see 5:09

    Problem is they bring that shit to work and disrupt and make everybody super uncomfortable which causes productivity to decline, if they would act like normal human beings and do their jobs nobody would give a shit. Most employers won’t hire them because they know they could have their pants sued off them for even the tiniest little thing, you people are only looking to sue and make a large payday for yourselves. That’s why nobody wants to hire your sick ass’s.

  5. 8:14, I’m sorry your gay co-workers disrupt your productivity. Are you just so irresistible that you think they’ll pull out the ol’ stiff one-eye on you at the water cooler? Are you egging them on by wearing your extra sexy Dockers? Fortunately for my co-workers, I’m boring and leave my shit at home as do the other gays and lesbians that work in our company. I’ve been in the same career field for more than 25 years and have been promoted several times based on my merit, which was on par with my straight peers. I was raised to respect myself and not to lie, so I’ve always been honest about my sexuality at work. That being said, I don’t wear it on my sleeve simply because I believe most people, gay and straight, share too much about themselves nowadays in search of attention. During my tenure, I have never feared being terminated for my sexual preference. Nor have I been keeping a list of grievances in hopes of that large payday you refer to. I figure my employer has enough to worry about regarding petty suits for other complaints (race, religion, harassment, unwarranted worker’s compensation, etc.), something that breeders like yourself would never abuse in filing, correct?


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