Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Show-Me Progressive Columnist Vs. Missouri Senator Josh Hawley Battling For Street Cred

Identity politics at it's very worst . . . Two well-educated white dudes arguing about who is more authentic . . . Strangely, WaPo didn't hide this one behind a paywall so that broke-ass Missouri residents can enjoy to the sound of local bridges crumbling whilst we consider the American culture war. Checkit:

Opinion | Salt-of-the-earth GOP senator humiliates a 'smug, rich liberal elitist'

Republican Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri just attacked your humble blogger as a "smug, rich liberal elitist" who is part of a movement that has "utter, open contempt for the people of the heartland."


Anonymous said...

The libs hate the Midwest with its honest, hard working god fearing people, completely opposite of what they are.

You know they want to take our rights to vote for president away because they think we are too stupid, Ive heard them say many times.

Anonymous said...

^^^ You've herd them say that many times? Name one!

Anonymous said...

This guy affirmed Hawley's opinion.
New York, snooty, liberal, Jew that is not interested in anything west of Newark.

Anonymous said...

7:47 “herd” ...... stupid racist liberal! And to think you don’t want rural America to have voting rights, and you say they are too stupid.

Anonymous said...

Let's take a look at good old, "Salt of the Earth Josh Hawley' background.

Born in Springdale Arkansas, family moved to Lexington, MO (year unknown).

Lived in Lexington, MO., but somehow got to attend Rockhurst High School in KC, (not exactly a one-room school in a log cabin, right?).

Graduated Rockhurst in 1998, left Missouri for Stanford, graduated in 2002.

Moved to London, UK for a year, then back to the US to attend Yale Law.

Graduated Yale in 2006, clerked in Denver for six month, moved to Washington, DC.

Spent five years working in DC., moved back to Missouri in 2011, taught at MU Law.

After living in MO the absolute minimum required residency time, ran for office, elected Mo Attorney General in 2016.

Served half of his four year term as AG (Greitens supporter for a year and eight months, then suddenly a Greitens opponent).

Ran for Senate in 2018, won, so back home to Washington!

So let's see - assuming him to be an "adult" at 18, he's now 39, and has spent a grand total of SIX of his 21 "adult years" (29%) in Missouri, one of them (4%) in England, and the remaining fourteen (67%) at his adopted home town of Washington DC.

Now that's a good ol' Missouri boy!

Luckily for little Joshie, he has until 2022 to find a permanent job back home, so he won't have to bother coming back to this shithole to run for office again.

Anonymous said...

^^^Don't forget, he's moving his family to DC, but will retain a residence in Missouri. Yep, a true salt of the earth midwesterner to the core, ol Josh.

Him calling out coastal bias is just rich. Unfortunately, his MO constituents eat it up and you know those Rockhurst grads will vote for the guy regardless of what he does. They're like a local mafioso group.

Anonymous said...

There really aren't any "good salt of the earth people" in the Midwest. Have you seen these fattys? My God some of the dumbest, ugliest people in the world reside in the Midwest. all they're good for is conning them for their cash and livestock fucking.

Anonymous said...

The most revealing comment from the article:

'an effort to recast the minoritarian America of “nonurban whites” who fundamentally reject this country’s “multiracial, multicultural national character” as the American mainstream'

The echo chamber of liberal America. Ignore that liberal immigration policies of the past 20 years have lead to the explosion of an underclass of illegal immigrants in our country. They live in fear of being deported, being taken advantage of, and split from their families. The liberal argument is to continue this policy. It's the least humanitarian policy that one could imagine.

Republicans demand that the borders have some degree of order is a direct repudiation of the liberal immigration system we now live in. We've seen the suffering, the hardship, the chaos, and the crime that comes with this system. The solution - an orderly immigration system. Yes, liberals may have to pay more for non-GMO organic strawberries from Whole Foods, pay more for someone to mow our yards, or pay taxes to the nannies that watch your kids. It's not racist. It's not xenophobic. It's not against multiculturalism. That's what the thought bubble of the coast wants everyone to believe though.

Ann Coulter's Pot-Bellied Pig said...

Jew Bullshit.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Right about the bullshit, but I don't think Lil' Joshie is Jewish, @9:35.

Anonymous said...

Hawley's been doing great things and I've been more impressed with him than any Missouri senator over the last 30 years. He's way better than air claire.

Flamethrower Jake said...

@10:34 The writer, not "Lil' Joshie".

Anonymous said...

WAPO has a larger liberal agenda that the NYT - I wouldn't wrap fish in either, and KC Star is just as bad, just not near as dangerous since the writing (the actual words/sentences/paragraphs/stories) is hugely amature. These dying papers are the last refuge of journalists who need to editorialize every damn piece they submit.

I'm a fan of Hawley only because they are not.

Retro ROCKER said...

People of all races colors of the Rainbow are moving into Missouri, From Democrat Run City's, Many are Leaving Conservative Kansas. Because of the Higher Taxes, There leaving Eastern Kansas for better opportunities in other States. Lesson Don't let your Town become taken over by Democrat Politicians .Example JACKSON COUNTY MISSOURI KANSAS CITY ,L.A. CHICAGO BALTIMORE, SAN FRANCISCO.

Retro ROCKER said...

Sorry I ment,Western Kansas. But I have met many that have met many from Johnson County Kansas That have,moved to Western Missouri. Because of High Taxes .

Anonymous said...

Howdy Doody Howley.

Nuff said!

Anonymous said...

well i do not feel like paying a dollar to view the link on what research was being done that spurred relocation but i hope it talked about more than carbon caps. Sounds like the USDA folks have more passion for their families and where they live than working for the USDA. USDA has been a ridiculous shit show at least since the mid 80s, understandable. How about we call Hawley's tweet and Greg Sargent's article two more pieces of shit in the show.

Anonymous said...

if researchers were working on climate change articles, (doubtful they were written very quickly), they were already being used as political tools. I found something about historic flooding caused by climate change devastating farmland, although flooding used to be construed as something that added nutrients to the soil.

Anonymous said...

is climate change ever going to make it flood more in CA, to feed the world on on inedible corn for biofuels that constitute 40% of the corn grown and destroy wildlife habitat? "A study published Thursday by the World Resources Institute (WRI) and the U.N., among others, highlights that the industry will need to change dramatically in order to both combat climate change and feed the planet. Those shifts would mean producing 50% more food by 2050, while using the same land but reducing emissions by around two-thirds." -Think Progress 7/2019
It's all bullshit shit show.