Show-Me Planned Parenthood Patient Care Record On Trial Amid Abortion Debate

A campaign 2020 move to rile up the masses . . . Will Missouri Become the First State Without an Abortion Clinic Since Roe v. Wade?

Here's one of the better argument for sanction for those who aren't convinced that one of the most barbaric medical "procedures" isn't enough to cancel guv sanction. Checkit:

Witnesses take the stand as Planned Parenthood and Missouri's health department battle over abortion license

ST. LOUIS - The fight continues on day two as Planned Parenthood and Missouri's Department of Health and Senior Services go head to head. After the first day's opening statements and hearing from the state's first expert witness, we listen to more state witnesses on Tuesday.


  1. Abortion is when a baby gets the death penalty for someone else’s action.

  2. Why does god kill babies inside their mothers?
    Is it murder if god kills babies?
    Is it an abortion if god kills babies?

  3. ^^ God gave us free will Einstein so he's not doing the killing. Idiot Libs are.

  4. Believe This "Coincidence". Planned Parenthood right across the street from Impossible Foods'Silicon Valley R&D center industrial park! Delicious, nutritious meat and dairy products directly from plants? The privately held company was founded in 2011 by Patrick O. Brown., M.D. Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry at Stanford University. Tackling the World's most urgent problem Meat, Environmemt! Swedish Professor: Eat Human Flesh to Combat Climate Change.....Not including the killing of Babies in the womb.....

  5. ......Hold on there corpussell..........god creates all life, according to the RCC........that's what I was taught, by the god creates it and then kills it, right?
    Where's the free will in that?
    Push the point.......


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