Show-Me Democracy Fight Redux: Missouri Senator Hawley Seyz Hong Kong Is New Berlin

A bold statement and inspiring leadership on the international fight for freedom and right-wing Conservative crusade that sadly won't fix any bridges desperately needing repair throughout Missouri . . . Credit where it's due . . . The Missouri political noob is also going one on one with Lebron via Twitter. Read more:

Hawley on Hong Kong protesters: 'Fifty years ago, it was Berlin. Today, it's Hong Kong' - Missourinet

U.S. Senator Josh Hawley, R-Missouri, says China is trying to censor Americans from talking about the protests and he's not going to put up with that. He is in Hong Kong witnessing protesters rallying in the streets for democracy. This is the scene now in Hong Kong, where it is Sunday night.


  1. This dickhead is in Hong Kong dicking around instead of tending to business in the US. We've got more than enough problems here that need to be addressed.

  2. (Hawley on life in general)
    God, I hated having to go spend seven years back in that shithole, it was like a Prison sentence.
    Thankfully, I'm back home here in DC now, and I have five more years to find a permanent job where the worthwhile people live.
    Now, my next headline is going to be...

  3. The world should boycott China.

  4. The NBA must have supported Claire last election. Send a few bucks to Hawley and he will forget about Hong Kong.

  5. Berlin is to Hong Kong as McCarthy is to Hawley.

  6. ^^^^ Hyper, you are talking about Charlie McCarthy, aren't you?
    All Hawley is doing is the "Howie Handupme" routine while sitting on Trump's lap.


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