Show-Me Crime Solution For Kansas City?!??!

Worthwhile report gleaned from a social media post yesterday offers more perspective on the Missouri effort to address the skyrocketing homicide rate . . . Checkit:

Mayor Lucas meets with governor, other mayors about violence

Mayor Quinton Lucas met with Missouri Gov. Mike Parson and other mayors less than 24 hours after a deadly triple shooting in Kansas City, Missouri, to discuss the problems of violence in several cities in the state and ways they could work together to solve them.


  1. Oh God they will mess things up even more.

  2. Put ALL of KCMO's retired cops back into service and on the streets. Instead of collecting a fat pension at taxpayers expense and doing nothing.

  3. Yea we can do that as you get your retired, good-for-nothing ass up and off the couch, and get back to your shitty job cleaning the men’s room at the bus station. How about that dummy?

  4. There's Mayor Tweety Bird Q seated at the far left.

  5. mayor q better start sucking the governors dick if he expects any help from him besides, it doesn’t do any good to try to get help from the state when the city won’t do anything to fix it themselves, they’re too scared that if they admit that the blacks are the problem they won’t get re-elected. Now if the whites were causing all the trouble now that would be a different story, shit would hit the fan.

  6. Half the Crime is related to Drugs. The Distribution and Drug dealing .And people robbing to get money to buy drugs. And then the people that are unemployeable that are robbing. Every few months a,group gets together to try to solve the problem .As long as people consume controlled substance.The problem will persist. IT'S JUST A SHOW FOR OVER FORTY YEARS.


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