Show-Me Auditor Galloway Garnering More Cash Than Missouri Guv Parson

A preview of 2020 prep, the return of "girl power" and maybe a glimpse at how GOP divisions pave the way for another blue wave . . . Read more:

Galloway outraises Missouri Gov. Parson, still lags on cash

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - Democratic Missouri gubernatorial challenger Nicole Galloway has outraised incumbent Republican Gov. Mike Parson in recent months, but she's still behind in cash to spend on her election bid. Records show Galloway's 2020 campaign raised about $545,000 between July and the end of September compared to Parson's roughly $316,000.


  1. She’s pretty so that makes people give her money, too bad she hasn’t done anything to prove she could be governor. But that doesn’t matter to progressive’s

    1. It doesn't matter to apostrophe's either.

  2. Unless she plans on mailing me a check, I’m voting for Parson

  3. Let's see both of them in Bathing Suits, then decide which one to vote for.


  4. Sure she is getting more cash, she's a democrat and they like big business deals, and to keep the little guy down. That's what democrats do. Take a look at the NY thugs that funded Sharice Davids.

  5. All the money in the world won't give her a victory in the gubernatorial election.
    Every penny of it wasted.

  6. If that kid's all the democrats got, Parson's gonna win another term.


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