Thursday, October 24, 2019

Should Kansas City Pay For Urban Core Youth Entertainment Complex?!?!

Mr. Clarke has a point when he compares this idea to all of the cash KCMO is throwing down the tubes for a Convention Hotel. Here's his plan that merits consideration and a more detailed economic analysis and pitch to corporate investors as well. Checkit:

KC activist proposing plan for skate park, bowling alley and water park in urban core

KANSAS CITY, Mo.-- A Kansas City activist is trying to spark hope in inner city youth, proposing to build a skate park, bowling alley and water park. He believes this will help curb crime by giving kids something to do.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, "a skate park, bowling alley and water park" do not result in jobs and in turn money enough to afford housing. The convention hotel, on the other hand, does result tin jobs and in turn money enough to afford housing.

Anonymous said...

Simple answer NO

Anonymous said...

Where's Nike? Or any brand that sells to this community. They should be the FIRST to set up some kind of fund for development.

Anonymous said...

The inner city have anything they want as long the taxpayers don't have to pay for it.
If Pat Clark wants this so bad let him canvass the private sector. Just leave the taxpayers out of it. Including African-Americans!

Anonymous said...

9:51 comment above NAILED IT!

Unless I didn't understand Pat Clarke, he's not talking about a private investment, but rather a City-funded project. And we know what happens when KCMO throws money at 18th & Vine, grocery stores, Jazz festivals, Open Spaces, etc.

I would direct Mr. Clarke to the TKC post yesterday concerning the already dysfunctional state of the KCMO City budget. As is, KCMO is already spending more money than they're taking in, and that's after over-projecting the earnings tax revenue. The City is going to have financial shortfalls to deal with soon.

Anonymous said...

We might deserve those things but it’s just another place where Black kids will shoot and kill each other. Black power!

Anonymous said...

3 more places to sell dope and have shootings. Yes, this will save Kaffirstan.

Anonymous said...

Just another "activist" who couldn't run a one-car garage looking to city hall to bankroll his "project" which will actually end up being little more than turning tax money into thin air.
Which happens over and over again.
When your idea isn't sound enough to get people to VOLUNTARILY contribute their money, you simply go to some government to shake down which ends up taking those same people's money INVOLUNTARILY through taxes so that you can spread it around to your family and friends.
The Al Sharpton philosophy of "economic development".
Clarke needs to go see if he can get an actual job based on his qualifications.

Anonymous said...

Will it have an indoor shooting range? Might help save an innocent bystanders life if the hood rats have better gun skills. Bet it will have a free laundry.

Anonymous said...

"Clarke said the lack of opportunities is a direct correlation to the crime and violence happening on a daily basis..."

No, what the numerous factual correlations are:

1. No father in the home
2. No self-respect of the individuals in the home and therefore seeking affirmation with gang affiliation
3. Mothers, sisters and brothers turning a blind eye to criminal activity in the home and ALSO profiting from this activity
4. Condoning the "No snitch" attitude, therefore remaining silent (to #3) and knowledge about key factual evidence in the 120+ murders in KC said...

FYI Attention Pat Clarke

Here's a suggestion with proven results... said...

Pat Clark AKA Community Activist

please seek help for the children here!