Shame: Kansas City Mass Shooting Preview

It's important but unpleasant, here's a resource we hope Kansas City leaves unused . . . Take a look:

How Kansas City Hospitals Prepare To Help The Injured After A Mass Shooting

Sandy Hook Elementary. Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. The Las Vegas Strip. Tree of Life Synagogue. They're all shorthand for mass casualty events that seem to get more frequent as time passes. They also require hospitals to spring into action, and Kansas City area doctors and nurses are taking note.


  1. They don’t need any practice with the amount of beating, stabbing and shooting victims they see everyday in the hood so......

  2. Why don't we prevent the next shooting. We know who the shooter will be. its the angry guy who everyone says "he will be the next mass shooter". He also probably has disorderly conduct and domestic violence charges in the past, was a security guard, hates everyone and his parents are scared of him. Yes that guy. Arrest him now on some charges like the gun he is NOT supposed to own!


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