SCOUTUS Considers Kansas Identity Theft Illegal Immigration Showdown

The fate of a family and more than a few stolen IDs hangs in the balance as this decision might or might not ruin many credit scores . . . Checkit:

Kansas case in front of Supreme Court could impact immigration policies

FAIRWAY, KS (KCTV) - The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in a case out of Johnson County later this week, the second case out of Kansas to be taken up by high court this session. An Overland Park family is in Washington anxiously waiting the arguments on Wednesday.


  1. The Kansas Supreme Court is an embarrassment to the state. The state's method of giving the governor a slate of candidates to fill openings has consistently resulted in the governor being forced to select from a list of leftist lawyers, in a state that is largely politically conservative.

  2. So why does the state senate put up with it

  3. Wait, so three illegal immigrants forged federal documents and stole other's identity and people think they SHOULDN'T be deported?

    clown world

  4. ^^^^True DAT.... Twisting the Laws working against American Citizens just.? Keep Voting in Democrats. Any democrat will do, does not matter their Name. Works every time.

  5. ^^sure will. You keep voting republican and bend over while they rob you blind and fuck you in the ass. Oh, make sure your sons and daughters have registered with Select Service because there's nothing repubturds love more then sending your kids off to die to line their pockets. Keep eating their shit too...they like em' dumb like you!

  6. ^^^Blind As A Bat ^^^ Both Parties Are Corrupt. At least the democrat has taken off their Mask on who and what they stand for. I will never Vote for someone who stands against the Creator God. The No Morals or Laws HATE the POLICE along with No Boarders Party.. You wanna live in a LAWLESS Society? Not me. Why? You don't think the Dims are not lining their pockets? They LOVE raising My Taxes.I WILL NEVER Vote for A GodLESS PARTY no matter how much CAKE they hand out!

  7. KS Supremes have been on the wrong side of abortion, capitol punishment and school funding. Why would this be any different?


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