Please Believe Dead-Tree Tech Winning: Kansas City Star eEdition New & Improved!!!

Digital only subscriptions are the last hope of the newspaper industry and so this Friday night news blast is important as many locals are suckered into buying a non-searchable replica of printed content. Checkit:

The Kansas City Star's eEdition has changed. Here's what you need to know

The Kansas City Star building, 1601 McGee St. The eEdition is a digital replica of our daily printed newspaper that offers over 40 pages of bonus, subscriber-only content. We've made key improvements based on reader feedback - including fewer ads and a more user-friendly navigation - to make the eEdition experience even better.


  1. Wait, they charge a laughable amount of money for access to this. AND they cram it full of ads

    what a dirty business

  2. Nobody wants to buy their LEFTY ProPagandA! They should be ashamed for NOT Vetting the 2008 and 2012 President that they helped sell us out too then. NEVER trust the FAKE NEWS echo CHAMBER AGAIN> EVER! People really did want change from the corrupt Bushes. But it went from Bad to WORSE... That's why TRUMP WON. Now Go Pound Sand....MAGA 2020 KAG

  3. It's improved like K Mart was improved and we know what happened to K Mart.


  4. That building is the ugliest building ever, that and the Sprint building. I hate them.

  5. E-edition is like getting a boner when your 80.
    The idea is great- just doesn’t work right.
    Clunky... isn’t smooth and quite frankly just locks up at times.
    Besides... what’s the point?
    Back to the drawing board. We

  6. Nothing but lipstick on a pig.
    The local "stories" are still written by 20-something year-old recent J-school grads who couldn't tell you the difference between Mission and Mission Hills.
    The rest of the fill is from various other publications and wire services.
    The "editorial content" could be written by Park Slope Brooklyn hipsters who see nothing but privilege, racism, power, and horrible injustice everywhere they look.
    It doesn't much matter whether this kind of crap is on paper or delivered electronically.
    What's left of a once truly great newspaper is really sad.

  7. Like 8:10 said!! What is astounding is that people actually pay the money for it. They must believe it makes them look smart to be a 'subscriber' -- pickup a midweek edition and you will be amazed at how thin it is, and 70% ads, banners, etc.


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