Pitch 'Best Of' Argument: Kansas City 2019 Defined By 'Queer Eye' Makeovers?!?

The show was fun and there were some nice and important moments shared with locals but this hot take isn't really "alternative" given that sitting at home and watching Kansas City on Netflix is just about as mainstream middle-class as pumpkin spice . . . Meanwhile, there are a great many people out there living REAL LIFE in KCMO who, thankfully, aren't defined by smart TV apps . . . Take a look:

The "Queer Eye" glow up was real: Best of KC 2019

The Fab Five cruisin' through KC. // Photo courtesy of Netflix. Our annual Best of Kansas City 2019 issue is out now. Go grab a copy. Alternatively, you can browse the results of the readers' poll here. The issue also includes a list, compiled and written by The Pitch's editorial staff, shouting out some of our current favorite things about...


  1. Fucking queers....

  2. So the height of sophistication and achievement for KCMO is the cast of Queer Eye riding THE streetcar.
    And you wonder why most of the rest of the world looks at this as flyover country?
    Has the overturned cattle truck been cleared off the highway?

  3. Shithole of The Great Plains

  4. The Pitch is queer!


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