Thursday, October 31, 2019

Overland Park Outrage After Wrist Slap

Today, SHOCK PHOTOS OF THE HORRIBLE INJURIES THE YOUNG LADIES SUFFERED hit the local news whilst neighbors are concerned this kind of tragedy doesn't happen again. Checkit:

Many outraged with decision to only ticket 2 drivers involved in Overland Park crash that injured 4 girls

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Not everyone is happy that police are issuing only traffic tickets to two drivers involved in last week's crash that injured four girls on their way to school. Many people are telling police the drivers should face more serious charges.


Anonymous said...

Did Overland Park prosecutors do anything to the man that ran over and killed a schoolgirl this year? He was going over 70mph, went off the road, through a fence, over a sidewalk and ran right over her. Since she was a fairly recent immigrant from Europe, I figured not much was done. I have seen cars going 80 down that stretch of road many times.

Anonymous said...

^^Good point that did sort of disappear from the news. Must have been someone important. Was Lucas over there driving around at that time? Maybe it was him since he appears to have some get out of jail cards handy.

Anonymous said...

They must know somebody. My husband got a ticket in leawood earlier this year. The cop told him to pay double and nothing would appear on his record. There are tons of drivers not being held accountable in that area. The fact that they only got tickets doesn't surprise me at all. And yeah, my husband did deserve that ticket. Glad he didn't run anybody over.

Anonymous said...

Kids stay alert, cars may wonder from road.

Ignatius C. Einstein said...

Let's see. Two, not one but two, drivers run a red light sort of like they were racing or something and they get a ticket and one of them sent four people to the hospital when pedestrians are supposed to have the right of way.
A Middle school girl shows a "finger gun" and gets prosecuted even though she has been bullied by the group she points her finger at and no one got hurt.
Justice in OP, NOPE!