Olathe E-Cig Lawsuit: Public Safety Life Lesson Or Courtroom Longshot?!?!

Seems that the coverage of this story has been skewed toward regulation outcry that might or might not hold up despite a national health scare over one of many useless products on store shelves . . . Take a look:

Olathe School District Says Leading E-Cigarette Maker Addicted A Generation Of Youth To Nicotine

The Olathe School District on Monday filed suit against the nation's leading maker of e-cigarettes, charging it deliberately markets its products to school-age children and misleads them about their dangers. The lawsuit, filed in federal court in Kansas City, Kansas, says that Juul Labs Inc.


  1. The Olathe school district should be sued for having illiterate graduates. They should.be sued for teaching generations of students to be pussies. Also, what about all the fat whores that have gone to school in Olathe? Sue the school district for decades of failure.

  2. School districts do not legislate. No institution can protect idiots from themselves, stop trying to.

  3. I hope juul dabs all over them


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