NKC Armour Road Bike Lane Debate Persists

Both sides are rallying neighbors but only Bike/Walk activists thinks putting old school residents out in the middle of the road to confront ongoing traffic is a good idea . . . Here's a more objective view:

Major thoroughfare in North KC causing controversy

Big changes to a major thoroughfare in North Kansas City are causing controversy.Some residents are asking the city to undo the project that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. City leaders are considering it.Colorful crosswalks and bike lanes protected by parking spots are features of the new Complete Streets Project."They have slowed down the speed of cars coming through.


  1. Interesting how governments give small percentages of the population knee jerk reactions involving all of our tax dollars. A handicapped gay trans bicyclist has it all.


  2. Yep it's called poor management and partiality.

  3. Okay NKC voters, we now know DeLong needs to go next election!
    Hey Bryant, first "tweak" - tear the whole flipping thing out!

    I've been walking in NKC for over forty years, there's never been any problem crossing Armour at any time of the day, UNLESS you're one of the stupid assholes who wants to cross in the middle of a block.
    There are pedestrian crossing lights at every intersection, maybe "Jenny" needs to try using them.

    Also, the TSB has already sued one City in Indiana for installing those "rainbow Crosswalks" because they don't meet Federal Standards - that City had to pay a hefty fine in addition to the cost having to replace them with proper markings. Is Bryant DeLong willing to pay those costs out of his own pocket when NKC has the same sort of lawsuit placed against it?

  4. I don’t think their are enough homosexuals in NKC to justify bike lanes. Most of the homosexuals are clustered in downtown and Midtown so they can conveniently suck each other all the time.

  5. ^^as you well know by now. Right Nancy. You seem really thirsty for some dick. Get you some!

  6. NKC can set a good example for the surrounding cities and stand up to this bike lane bullshit

  7. NKC traffic is already diverting itself off Armour and south to 16th, which is great for all the businesses that have sprung up along there but is showing a negative effect on the established businesses "downtown".

    The old Chappels is closing down for "renovations (must have found a buyer for all the old "sports" junk) in yet another attempt to get people in the door, and Jeffersons (the place that used to be Kelso's) has hardly any customers at any time of the day.

    I have heard that the established Business owners and the folks from NKC Development are scorching the paint on the walls of the City Manager's Office daily.

    Hope the Council "one-termers" who pushed this crap through are proud of themselves.

  8. Really a shame. NKC was easy to do business in, but those bike lanes make it hard to get in and out.

  9. I lived in NKC for 14 years, I went there the other day and found myself in a weird fucked up traffic scenario. Is Armour road 1 lane now?

  10. Sat in sun at Swift and Armour road Monday, an absolutely beautiful day, none better. From 2pm until 4pm I counted 5 bicycle riders. You can guess I lost count of the cars.....bikes won ? What a joke.


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