New Kansas City Metro North Scheme Redux

Retail remains dead but, nevertheless, let's take another glimpse at hopeful talk and bad architecture that probably won't lure shoppers back to the desolate location that still hosts a Macy's for your granny.

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A $192 million project rises on the Metro North Mall site in the KC Northland

Kansas City, MO - A large redevelopment project is underway at the former site of the Metro North Mall in the KC Northland.The $192 million project, dubbed Metro North Crossing, is rising on the 106-acre site of the former mall. The mall closed in 2014.


  1. Just another TIF scheme with nothing resulting that is of any use to any taxpayer.

  2. Giving subsidies in the absence of new demand will only create blight as older buildings are abandoned. But then they can give a TIF to another developer and it never ends.

  3. Elizabeth (Poke-a-haunt-us) Warren10/11/19, 10:13 AM

    KCMO needs to take the TIF money and use it to repair the streets.

  4. ^^Calling names is the hallmark of a retarded mind. Your post proves you're retarded.

    1. Chimpy, haven't we covered this? Your IQ is only about 20, monkey brain! Lol

  5. Oh my god, that's so funny!

  6. Deja Vu, Zona Rosa...

  7. 12:25 pm has an excellent point. Wasn't there supposed to be a hotel in Zona Rosa? Now they are proposing a hotel at Barry & 169 highway. Why? Don't need a hotel there in the middle of nowhere. Another TIF handout.

  8. Most people are one paycheck from disaster. In Debt .IT will be tuff to make Retail Work The Rich even slowed down spending. There still Building Dollar stores. Every body has twenty dollars in their pocket. Maby not they have problems with shoplifting.


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