Netflix Features Kansas City La Migra Fight

ICE isn't nice to protesters and, as we noted last week, the nation's favorite online network is featuring the drama . . . Take a look:

KC immigration lawyer hopeful change will come from lawsuit

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Kansas City, Missouri, immigration attorney is at the center of against two Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents by the American Civil Liberties Union of Missouri last week. The lawsuit stems from in which Andrea Martinez said an ICE agent pushed her to the ground.


  1. Only change she will be seeing is that from her piggy bank she counts to pay for this bullshit suit she brought about.

  2. Let me understand something. Woman and friend try to push their way into a government facility with a guard at the door. The guard does what he is supposes to do and blocks the entry. Woman fakes falling down saying she was pushed and injured.(?) Then sues the government for her wrongful action beginning this mess?
    Question: Why was she not arrested for failing to follow the guards direct instructions to not try to gain entry to a government facility she was not entitled to be given entry to in the first place? I would now charge her for that crime and the law suit would then go away. She would go to jail and then be allowed t be in a government facility that has guards at the doors. Problem solved.

  3. She's hoping for an all illegal immigrant jury. Or maybe blind people, who won't be able to watch the film clip.


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