Friday, October 11, 2019

Muhammad Ali Pix Debut In Kansas City

Preview of American sport, history and politics all seen in the career of an iconic fighter . . . Take a look:

Muhammad Ali Exhibit Headed for Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

The "Greatest of All Time" is coming to Kansas City. Never-before-seen photographs of American heavyweight champion, Olympic gold medalist and activist Muhammad Ali will be on display in the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art starting in February 2020.


Byron Funkhouser said...

I don't care about boxing. It's a primitive, savage sport that should be banned.

While many were fleeing to Canada, or enrolling in college, or lying about medical conditions, Ali bravely stood up to the war machine.

That is why he is "The Greatest".

Anonymous said...

Magazine pictures of Ali qualify as art now? We're living in a fucking cultural wasteland

Charlie Horse said...

Maybe they meant "fart.?

Anonymous said...

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