More Local Political Outcry Over 'Flawed' Jackson County Property Tax Assessment

The bills are hitting mailboxes soon and this is just the beginning of Kansas City metro complaints on the rising cost of living. Take a look:

2 school district reps say Jackson County property assessments flawed

Two school district representatives appeared at a Board of Equalization meeting Thursday, saying they found a variety of issues with the Jackson County property assessments. They focused on the fact that 75,000 properties were assessed just below the cutoff, where the county would have to look at images of them, and on how little evidence the county has shown in BOE appeal meetings.


  1. Hellhole of the Midwest10/17/19, 7:14 PM

    Just admit everything is totally fucked up and start over already!

  2. Buying time till the tax bills hit everyone's mailbox. Then shrug and say I dunno some more.

  3. We interrupt this quagmire for the Chiefs Game.


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