Missouri Stays Winning Medical Marijuana Border War Against Kansas?!?!

Whilst authorities fight against recreational use, there's no denying the ECONOMIC BOOM of a new industry in Missouri offering weed treatment to people with serious and terminal illnesses and those who can effectively fake maladies in order to get a precious script.

Take a look at the impact of the continued struggle. Checkit:

Residents seeking relief through medical marijuana leave the Sunflower State

TOPEKA, KS (KCTV) - For nearly a decade, people in Colorado have had access to medical marijuana. With Missouri voters legalizing use of cannabis for medical reasons in 2018 and Oklahoma implementing a program, Kansas is surrounded on three sides by states with access.


  1. Illinois legalized recreational starting January 1, 2020. Watch as millions flow out of Missouri into Illinois.

    Missouri, for all its talk about being conservative and liberty-loving, is not very forward thinking when it comes to losing millions in tax revenue to Illinois.


  2. Kansas needs to go recreational ASAP.

  3. Pussys. Nothing wrong with the old days. It's fun growing your own and selling 100+ lbs a year.

  4. Dope weakens your immune systems. Dopes. Enjoy your Cancers when you are older.


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