Mission Hills 'Girl Power' Fence Jumper Politico Launches Kansas Senate Bid

Was going to skip this one but it's worth a brief mention . . . This rich white lady seizes a political opportunity and wants to catch a ride on the next blue wave that might result in the historic flip of a Senate seat for Kansas. Checkit:

Lawmaker from Mission Hills who left GOP running for US Senate as Democrat

TOPEKA, KS (AP) - A Kansas legislator who defected from the Republican Party last year is running for the U.S. Senate next year as a Democrat. The Kansas City Star reports that State Sen. Barbara Bollier, of the Kansas City suburb of Mission Hills, promised an independent approach in kicking off her campaign Wednesday.


  1. I hope the people in her district "reward" her with a defeat for taking their money for a campaign then giving them the finger by jumping to the democrat side. Bye Bye Barbara!

  2. When the Depression hits Kansas Let's see how many social programs she hands out Yes you can have a Capitalist,society with Social Programs. But when you lean to far to the left or communist views. You can destroy a country.

  3. I'm sure the other GOP turncoat Princess Stephanie is waiting in the wings to take her spot as State Senator. Hopefully the voters will see through their attention whoring and flip-flopping and send both packing.

  4. I'm really sick of hearing from these liberal know it ALL Females. The reason why God made Adam first, He didn't want any Advice from Eve..... Heaven Help Us......

  5. A rich self righteous pinko wants your money. Hard to yell

    f__k her loud enough.

  6. Wow - I thought she would fade into private life after what she did. I imagined she would have been a bit embarrassed and timid about going to KS voters again. I can only imagine that the thought bubble of Mission Hills has led her to believe she did the honorable thing. The reality is that she's so out of touch with voters that she probably doesn't understand that both sides of the aisle recognize that her politics and loyalty change with the wind. Very troubling.

  7. She's not only a Democrat she's a LIAR! Every one knew when she called herself a Republican she was a BOLD FACE LIAR then. Her family sure knew about it. That was the only way for her to get elected back then was pretend to be something she truly never was. Just another SWAMP CREATURE! Lord in Heaven have mercy on US! I'm ashamed of these kind of women that represent this Great State!

  8. Barry Grissom dropped out to endorse her.

    From State Senator to US Senator Barbara Bollier. That has a nice ring to it. Get used to it.


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