Saturday, October 05, 2019

Miege Stays Winning Over Rockhurst

OR JoCo fam earns bragging rights over Brookside . . . We normally skip linking this stuff but call it a human interest story and a slice of local life. Take a look in order to bother youngster relatives:

See highlights from KMBC's Friday Football Patrol for Oct. 4, 2019

Our game of the week pitted two perennial powers against one another -- Bishop Miege at Rockhurst.


Anonymous said...

Let's watch two high school teams who poach many of the best athletes in the area from other school districts so they can bring more hardware to their trophy cases. The rules need to be changed because of the recruiting B.S. that goes on. Meige and Aquinas are the two biggest offenders. They go after the best middle school athletes no matter where they live. Public schools can't do this to any meaningful degree.

Anonymous said...

^^Plus Meige is playing in the wrong league. If they had to play in the proper league those corn fed ball teams in the area would beat their ass into the ground.They play in 4A Level now but should be playing in Class 6A level. Bishop Miege has no business playing at the 4A level, nor do the rest of the private schools that come out of Kansas City and Wichita.

Anonymous said...

Everything about Catholicism is crooked, so this should come as no surprise.