Meth Town Disarms Youngsters?!?!

Assuming of course that youthful criminals keep themselves apprised of recent changes in municipal codes . . . Take a look:

Independence City Council passes changes to gun ordinance

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Independence City Council unanimously approved an amendment to the city's "Safe Streets Regulations" during Monday's meeting, which raises the age for lawful possession of a weapon within city limits.


  1. I'm sure this change has every underage gangbanger and thug quaking in their shoes. Another ridiculous city ordinance that changes absolutely nothing nor will it make two hoots or a damn change in things. More smoke and mirrors from another local government.

  2. ^^Do you live there retard? No, you don't. So shut your trap and mind you're on fucking business. Who gives a shit what you think about anything. You're a barley-functioning retard as it is. You need to be able to count to 100 and you've been stuck on 14 for months now. Worry about that first.

  3. ^^ Do you live there retard?

    Just what I thought. But you see the difference is I do care and I don't give two rat shit thoughts about what you like or don't like. Grown the fuck up punk.

    Excellent point of view Super Dave.

  4. ^^did you forget to use your real name again dave?? Jesus Christ, you gave yourself away! You really are a retard aren't you?

    1. Oh Chimpy. Your pathetic monkey brain doesn't even count as retarded!lol

  5. I live there an it wont change a thing. Touchy feely legislation


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