Meet New Kansas City Royals Manager?!?

Best, brightest and smartest among our social media denizens share this news link on what could be the future of the home team. Checkit:

Why Carlos Beltran believes he'd make a good manager - The Boston Globe

At least six bench coaches have interviewed with teams along with an assortment of first base coaches, third base coaches, hitting coaches, and three quality control coaches. Two player development executives - Rangers field coordinator Jayce Tingler and Diamondbacks director of player development Mike Bell - are candidates with the Padres and Mets, respectively.


  1. This prima Donna ahole has no business managing the Royals. It would be like Frank White in a public administrative position. Grade “A” clusterfxxx.

  2. What is his position on porn usage by ballplayers?

  3. ^^^^^^^ LULZ!


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