Meet The New Kansas City Political Boss

More important than almost every KCMO elected official . . . This lady GIVES KANSAS CITY LEADERS THEIR MARCHING ORDERS and conveys the interests of the biz community to the politicos so they can, in turn, justify it to the plebs.

On the bright side, she actually lives in KCMO unlike most of The Chamber membership who dictate municipal policy from the comfort of JoCo. Checkit:

Watley elected chairwoman of Kansas City Chamber of Commerce - Kansas City Business Journal

Carolyn Watley will serve as the next chairwoman of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce. The chamber's board of directors formally elected Watley to the yearlong position Wednesday. She'll begin her term on Nov. 1. Watley is vice president of community engagement for CBIZ Benefits & Insurance Services Inc.


  1. CBIZ has also received lots of corporate welfare by alternating from the Plaza to JoCo and back to the Plaza. Under her leadership I would imagine the Chamber will continue to support every welfare scam they can dream up.

  2. She must be wanting more expensive blue chip art for her walls at home.

  3. 99% of Kansas City paycheck collectors no little if anything at all about economics. Why should they worry about her when there is football to watch, beer to drink, and barbecue to snarf down?

  4. ^^and yet they would never be caught dead crying on a blog for dying geriatrics all day like you do in lieu of a meaningful life. Weird.

  5. ^^^but, strangely enough, YOU are here. Now that IS weird.

  6. ^^^I come here to crush geezer skulls like yours. It's easy and fun and a wholly worthwhile past time. Racist, misogynistic, ignorant assholes like you deserve the pummeling they get on the regular around here. Now go find something useful to do with what's left of your miserable life. Don't bother responding, I won't be around to read it. Savvy dummy?

    1. Oh Chimpy. You can't even crush an aluminum can, because they aren't allowed in the zoo! Lol

      You win nothing, you are relentlessly mocked every day, and you're the blog laughingstock.

      You're welcome, you dumb monkey! ;)


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