Meet The New Kansas City Art Boss

Call him the latest "King of the Kansas City art scene" because he's now working with MILLIONS in airport money.

Check a classy news link on the topic for middle-class denizens wanting a peek into how the ruling class lives. Take a look:

Kansas City, Missouri, Names A New Public Art Administrator - Just In Time For Huge Airport Project

James Martin, an independent consultant and curator, writer and educator, has been hired by the city of Kansas City, Missouri, to serve as its public art administrator. The position has been vacant since April 2018.


  1. Bolt down your bank accounts.

  2. Murders are up, and we don't have enough cops, and we are spending who know how much on this fag shit.

    We are screwed.

  3. The airport is being built by the airlines and not the city thus the 1% art assessment is invalid.

  4. ^^^^^ Really wish that was true. It's not.


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