Mayor Q Builds His Brand In Kansas City

We're sharing a rare link to an "upscale" sponsored content magazine that's becoming the local destination for nice news. Whilst this missive might not be pay for play, it's jam packed with only softballs and smiles concerning the new boss at 12th & Oak and his effort garner greater support after winning ballots from less than 70% of all registered voters. To be fair, it might not be such a horrible thing to have an ambitious mayor who wants to improve his career as much as Kansas City. Take a look:

Five Things You Don't Know About Me: Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas - In Kansas City

Given that he's just settling in as Kansas City's newest mayor, we thought we'd hit up Quinton Lucas to find out five things you might not know about the metro's 55th keeper of the city. A couple of these were semi-common knowledge, but we have to admit, Lucas threw us off with a couple zingers...


  1. Mayor Tweety Bird Q

  2. Worthless piece of shit pretty much sums it up.

  3. Fascinating!

  4. ^^^^ Winning comment right there. Pretty much nails it.

  5. Mayor McDrinkerson sure is busy! Yes sir, he's the selfie-takingest mayor around!

  6. What's he gonna do about the murder rate? Obviously nothing. He has already failed. He should be impeached.

  7. Mayor Q turning into a full blown media punk ass bitch!

  8. Out of a population of over 460,000 residents, the voters in KCMO had a choice for mayor between one candidate who thought it was perfectly appropriate to have a secret meeting at an exclusive private club and offer a no-bid contract for a billion plus public project and then repeatedly lie about it, or
    this Twitter, selfies, PR, do-nothing clown.
    Which isn't that much different than all the previous elections.

  9. Enough selfies. Get to work.


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