Friday, October 04, 2019

Luxury Condos Help Kansas City?!?!

This centre-right screed isn't just the typical Conservative argument for more luxury and/or one of many reason every Midtown KC hipster socialist is sending Bernie a "get well soon" card, check the money line:

"This is a promising conclusion and largely intuitive. If there is more of a thing available, prices go down. Perhaps Kansas City and St. Louis really need to focus on building housing of all kinds, knowing that this alone will increase the availability of affordable housing."

Read more:

Does Building Market-Rate Condominiums Help the Affordable Housing Market?

Affordable housing was a big issue in the recent Kansas City mayoral race, and there may be more legislation coming to address the issue. As Kansas City figures out how to increase the stock of affordable housing, many-including this author-have bemoaned the focus Kansas City has placed on subsidizing luxury market-rate high rises downtown.


Anonymous said...

Stay tuned for more KCMO approves subsidies for 10 new luxury projects.

Anonymous said...

quick and decent read. However no piece about "affordable housing" ever brings up how the East Side is ripe and primed to be built up. Before we destroy hyde park with bike lane and cramming in "mini houses" we should first build up the east side where the housing actually is affordable without invoking subsidies and tax breaks

Retro ROCKER said...

You can't build affordable housing in this day and age. Building cost are high and as soon as it is built the Property values go down And when the bubbles burst.IT will go down even more.