Lee's Summit Man Discovered At Crash Site After Missing For 7 Days Dies From Injuries

Conclusion to a tragic story and a reminder about the dangers on local roads. Read more:

Lee's Summit man dies after found crashed in a ravine

LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. -- A Lee's Summit man has died after a car crash into a ravine left him with life-threatening injuries. Ryan Linneman, 37, died on Oct. 19, Christopher Depue with the Lee's Summit Police Department told FOX4. He said he was informed by the family that Linneman died this afternoon.


  1. Guess the ls cops were to busy writing tickets to actively search for him there’s no money in searching for a guy who’s missing with a good idea of his travel route sad

  2. How many "traffic helicopters" flew over that road with people reporting traffic and they saw the car and didn't do anything??

  3. They were probably too busy plate reading Wal-Mart to give a shit about the guy after all it’s about “public safety” like they give a damn

  4. I passed by him everyday, but didnt know he was there. I am glad a off road motorcyclist riding illegally on city property called it in, he could have been busted for that, but unlike the nigger part of town where most tragedy happens where niggas dont say shit when they see or find shit - had this happened in the hood no one would ever have found his cracker ass! They might have seen it happen, they might have known a car went off the road and knew there was a human in the vehicle, but no nigger would have said a goddamn thing. If the motorcyclist happens to be a negro he only called it in because he is banging a white girl.. RIP LS dude the world is a crazy self serving greedy ass place and while this sucks for you and your family, you are finally free!!!!!!

  5. Weren’t we just talking about Lees Summit bad driving. Here is the end result folks! Privilege.


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