The debate over this alleged "lady killer" continues with an ongoing battle over his competence. Checkit:

New competency evaluation ordered for Yust after objection

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The state's court-ordered forensic evaluation of accused double murderer Kylr Yust found him competent to stand trial, but the defense has again objected and will seek a second opinion. Drs. Jason Lawrence and Steven Mandraccia filed a copy of a mental evaluation of Yust with the Cass County Circuit Court on Oct.


  1. dont worry, petersucker will still give him probation.

  2. The White man’s go-to defense when he is a murderous thug.

  3. Actually petersucker will give him the harshest penalty and then some just because he’s a white guy, and in this case I hope she does.

    Whatever happened to the racist black dude that murdered all those white people?

  4. Why would any woman date this guy? He looks like a murderer?

  5. Crazy? I could've told you that. But he still belongs in prison for life. That's if they don't give him the final needle.

  6. This mushroom head needs a TREE and a ROPE and his lawyers fucking know it!!! Even if he is crazy which anyone who takes another life is, I dont care!!! those 2 young peoples lives this POS took, is still breathing - If you kill innocent people, and you are the thug that killed them - you should be killed NO EXCEPTIONS!!! And by the way the families of the victims are punished everyday as long as this mother fucker is still alive, we have the death penalty in Missouri and we need to use that statue on this peice of true trash! When EXAMPLES are set, then fuck ups like this douchbag might think at least once about killing someone. And Black people - you are on your own with your killings that happen everyday, you too need to get your shit together, and I get it, snitches get stitches and its not cool to rat out a nigga, but If someone killed your son or daughter you would be the first to drop a dime if you knew who did it. Its time for this community to grow the fuck up!!

  7. I think that kcpd should cut his dick off, freeze it, whittle it into a sharp point, and stab him to death with it.

  8. this woman killer is a bitch and will soon be someones bitch

    never trust a scumbag with a neck tattoo


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