Last Refuge Of JoCo Scoundrels: Sprint / T-Mobile Merger Raises Antitrust Concerns

The majority of Sprint's workforce will be given pink slips . . . But struggle is real to avoid the inevitable. Here's the latest power move from one of our best & brightest readers:

The T-Mobile / Sprint merger should be stopped, say antitrust experts

The blockbuster T-Mobile / Sprint merger was approved the Department of Justice in July, along with a complicated set of conditions aimed at turning Dish Network into a national wireless carrier.


  1. What the plaintiffs in that lawsuit apparently don't understand is that there is no path forward for Sprint without a merger. If the merger isn't approved Softbank will force Sprint into bankruptcy and sell off Sprint in pieces to the highest bidder. The US ends up with 3 carriers one way or the other. With the merger Kansas City retains some of Sprint employment at least for the near term and DirectTV is propped up as the 4th carrier. Softbank invested in Sprint for the express purpose of this merger. Without the prospect of the merger Softbank isn't investing additional capital to prop Sprint up.

  2. I'm sure the vast army of slimy lobbyists at deep-pocketed AT&T and Verizon (both in the top-10 for lobbying companies - are doing everything they can to stop the merger of Sprint and T-Mobile. AT&T and Verizon are two “corporate bullies” that don’t want to see a stronger combined competitor fighting against them. It’s no surprise that the bullies seem to get nearly any acquisition or merger they want to go through, many of which left consumers with fewer choices. There's no way that AT&T should have been allowed to acquire T-Mobile. AT&T is already a giant. Verizon and AT&T constantly keep their lobbyists on the attack to sway politicians and regulators as they continue to serve up their high-priced wireless plans to suckers around America. The AGs are ignorant if they don't let this merger happen.

  3. My T Mobile sucks these days. I can't get a signal anywhere on the road anymore?


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