Kris Kobach Visits Safe Space

Worthwhile glimpse of the Kansas firebrand doing a better job of campaigning and reaching out to the NextGen on their home turf . . . Take a look at his up-close & personal conversation that might be more effective than social media partisan bullying.

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Kris Kobach talks US Senate race, national issues facing students

Kris Kobach, U.S. Senate candidate, former gubernatorial candidate and former Kansas Secretary of State, started his speech to College Republicans on Monday by relating with his audience. He knows what it's like, he said, to be a Republican on a politically correct college campus.


  1. Run, Kris, run!

    Nothing can stop you now that Pompeo's been caught double dealing in Ukraine.

  2. Nothing except any candidate he Democrats put up against him.
    Hell, one of the people who post here on Tony's could beat Kocach.


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