Kobach Argues Against DOJ Gun Crackdown

This Kansas alt-right fire brand is now on the OUTSIDE of the White House inner circle but that doesn't mean his latest criticism won't rally a great deal of support from Kansas voters. Take a look:

Trump-loving Kris Kobach attacks Bill Barr over his reported interest in gun control legislation

Kris Kobach, a Trump-loving Kansas politician who has repeatedly been passed over for positions in the White House, is now lashing out at the president's own attorney general for his reported interest in passing additional gun control legislation. As reported by the Washington Post's Aaron Blake, Kobach this week sent out a fundraising email blasting [...]


  1. Run, Kris, run! How can you lose?

  2. Who cares what this tool thinks about anything?

  3. Yes, run Kris Run- even though you seem very confused about what office you're running for, and lately even which Political Party you belong to - run, Kris, run!

  4. He has wonderful titties.


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