KCPS Celebrates 'Incomplete' Test Score

Newspaper touts ambiguous test results as the long suffering school district offers a great deal of hype but very little academic progress over the years. Read more:

Did Kansas City schools get accredited? New state report leaves that up in the air

Missouri's education department on Thursday released its annual report cards measuring how schools perform, and the overall grade is: incomplete. In fact, Kansas City Public Schools and Hickman Mills still don't know if they scored well enough on the Annual Performance Report to regain full state accreditation.


  1. We need a white superintendent, if we are seriously trying to improve KCPS. The superintendent we have now is worthless, as have the last few.

  2. ^^Who's we retard? Speak for yourself!

  3. Can't teach em if they do not want to learn, can't teach those that want to learn if they are surrounded by those that disrupt and don't or can't learn. The point: KCMO school district is fucked.

  4. hahahahahah KCPS accredited? No. They will shuffle the paperwork, accumulate a few small errors here and there, but the bottom line is the KCPS will never be fully, or factually, accredited.

  5. ^^and your wife will still be dead! hahahahahahahahaha

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