KCMO Kangaroos Question Power Of Protest

The city college shares a great op/ed on the topic of constant protests and the ability of locals to effect change by way of clever signs that don't always spark change without real world policy goals to back up grassroots efforts . .

Do Protests Work?

Over the past month, protests have dominated the news worldwide. For instance, in Hong Kong, protests against the government have escalated dramatically, with tens of thousands of protestors violently clashing with police. In Iraq, another wave of anti-government demonstrations has led to at least 95 people being killed.


  1. Didn't the Kangaroos mess up a few times protesting, while saving the world.

  2. ^^^^ The climate thing was okay but didn't result in even a resolution. They should do more with their own student council and city hall to improve security around the campus. That would help them directly.

  3. "In Hong Kong, months of protests by incredibly large groups of citizens have accomplished little. While the government did rescind a controversial extradition policy that spawned the protests, it continues to send out police to dish out beatings en masse."

    There is no comparison to the protests in Hong Kong, which are a life and death RESULT of humans seeking redress from tyranny and THE MEDIA SPONSORED PUSH FOR THE NEW GREEN DEAL.

    One is a grass roots, cause and effect movement, the other is a calculated, premeditated lie to euchre Americans out of cash and Centralize power in Washington DC.

    "Here in the U.S., despite the clarion calls for climate action from thousands of young people, the Green New Deal has not been passed in Congress or the fifty states."

    Typical "Assumptive Close" which insists that you are "Guilty" for not agreeing with the lies, legerdemain and bullshit that Cow farts and cars are going to kill us all in 12 years.

    " When students go on strike to demand change, they may be brushed off by some politicians. But when November comes, and election day has arrived, the protests will pay off, as these same politicians find themselves without a job."

    Maybe. The manipulation of "Students", from the gullible, Premenarche, scold, Greta Thunberg, to any and every student below the age of 25, whom, for the most part, are emotional, inexperienced and suffused with arrogant self regard might indeed be part of the initiatives that, on their face, are flat out insane, but, the incarnate evil of the Media, the Deep State and the Democrat/Fascist Party, is insatiable in it's quest for power.

  4. BTW I would love to hear the whining and bitching from these "Revolutionaries" as they shovel snow off of the newly minted "Bike Lanes" here in KC at taxpayer expense so they can "BIKE" past newly minted homeless people with ordnance and criminal intent, to a grocery store with moldy bread and 10 year old canned goods in the New "Green" America.

    The categorical collapse of civilization as we know it, would follow at light speed if these UMKC Skolars were in charge.

    Here's some advice morons.

    Hit the books, not the streets and next year, tell your idiot fuckin 'Gender Studies" Professor to get a real job.

  5. Protesting is like masturbating. When it's over you feel good but nobody else cares. If you had a life to begin with you wouldn't be home masterbating alone or out protesting liberal causes.

  6. Stocks of cardboard, Magic Markers, cell phones, candles, balloons, and tear gas manufacturers are way up.
    Please keep up the good work!

    1. Also, sales have dramatically risen for flavored lube, hair dye, and Starbucks thermal mugs. Millie kids gotta look good while getting juiced up for some casual sloppy after the marches.

  7. There ain’t been a real protest of any kind especially here in killa shitty in decades, every protest here has been for Twitter and Facebook glory. Protesters today are media seeking whores without a clue. Sad.

  8. Byron Funkhouser10/13/19, 9:26 AM

    Homosexual sex was illegal. The police attacked a gay bar in NYC. Gay men started protest marches. Gay marriage is now legal.

    Women were arrested for protest marches demanding suffrage. Women are now running for President.

    African Americans started protesting Jim Crow laws. Barack Obama was elected President, then re-elected.

    Naturally, conservatives want you to believe that you are powerless. Progressives know better.


  9. Protests do nothing except give losers a place to hang out with stupid signs and incite violence. Take a look at Jane Fonda, an 80+ year old out protesting and getting arrested. Now that was funny. Want change? Do it the right way and I'm sure protesters don't know what that would be.

  10. Byron you ignorant slut you can't back one ounce of that shit you posted up. No wonder your family hates your ass.


    Black Cartoon Lives Matter!!!

  12. 9:26...the fake "Byron", was at the coffee shop in Raytown this morning holding court at laughing at the posters on this site. OMG you people are rubes!

  13. 12:14....Naw! Chimpy and some simps were there laughing at Byron Funkymunky's moldy banana.


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