KC Seyz: Goodbye, Bobby Watson

Best music link of the day report on a jazz man who has won international acclaim leaving Kansas City behind. Meanwhile, 18th & Vine still hasn't found a profit model despite his tenure. Checkit:

After Raising A Generation Of New Kansas City Jazz Musicians, Bobby Watson Is Hitting The Road

Saxophonist Bobby Watson has loved teaching at the University of Missouri-Kansas City conservatory, but he is ready to concentrate on the touring and recording that have made him an international jazz legend. "It's been a great 20-year chapter," Watson says of his two decades as the first endowed jazz studies professor at the UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance.


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  4. He is going tour but live in Lenexa.

  5. looking forward to moving into a new home in Lenexa.

    Whats the matter with this jerk he doesn't like SLies killa' shitty?

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