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Awesome Responsibility of Presidential Leadership

There are few roles that match the awesome responsibility of presidential leadership, especially the position of President of United States. An American President not only is leader of this nation, but in many respects, he or she is the leader of the free world.



    "One of the first responsibilities is to always function and make decisions that are in the best interest of the America,.."
    of the America? What?

    "America is not an oligarchy, ruled by a despot or dictator, military junta or regime. It is a democratic republic controlled by the people."
    Here the author reveals her naiveté to power politics.

    "and decent of our honor"
    The opinion writing continued its descent at this time.

    A thinly veiled diatribe against the President of the United States? Yes, indeed!!!

  2. America was an empire for the last century at least. The first empirical of the US move was to cross the Mississippi River and call it Manifest Destiny. There's plenty of monuments to empire strewn around Kansas City, Jackson, Washington, Churchill and even Leon Jordan who set up the state police of Liberia. From Sea To Shining Sea you MF'rs!

  3. And yet every other Country wants to have what we do and everyone living in them wants to come here.

    You shitheads on both sides of the Political Spectrum need to get out more!
    Try visiting another Country, really visiting it, not just as a tourist.


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