KC Faith Blog Questions Married Priests

A longstanding crisis of conscience for Catholics has reemerged as this town's most prolific faith blogger offers insight, history and perspective on the renewed controversy. Checkit:

New talk of married Catholic priests: 10-10-19

Even if it seems as if the Catholic Church will never, ever allow women to be priests, there seems to be at least a little openness among some church leaders to allow priests to be married, as they once were...


  1. They will marry very short women to maintain erections.

  2. Very short women with penises.

  3. Read your history books - Priests used to be married. Then the Pope demanded Priests divorce, yes divorce and leave their wives and disown their kids, and NOT ever marry again about 600 years ago - because at that time the Priests could keep part of the indulgence money "earned" and their families quickly became the wealthiest in every town. Huge houses, lots of money, power!. Then when the Priests died - their families inherited all that money, power, and property. The Pope / Catholic Church wanted that money, so they ruled Priests could not marry or have kids. And had to give up their existing wives and kids. So when Priests died all the endulgence money and all their property went to the church. After a few decades. the church had taken back all the wealth of the Priests as the typically died at age 50. ITS ALL ABOUT MONEY.

  4. @ 1105 - How old were the wives when they died? 50.5 years old? 600 years ago the female life expectancy was not much longer than men. Makes no sense.

  5. Since the priests were forced to get divorced, their wives inherited nothing when the priests dies. The priests wealth and big homes went to the church. So the church took back all the commission priests made off of selling indulgences. The wives and kids were disowned. The church mandated divorce or you were no longer a priest and then had to give it all up to the church. It makes no sense. But its about money. The catholic church is a fake. You cant work your way to heaven. Your family cant buy or pray you out of purgatory, that's THEM working YOUR way to heaven. There is no purgatory. Only heaven or hell. And you cant get there by being a good person and working you way there.


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