Kansas Smoke Out For Medicaid?!?!?

GOP plan from the Sunflower State attempts to make the most loathsome class of legal junkies pay for their addiction . . . Coffee tax can't be far behind. Read more:

Kansas GOP leader's Medicaid plan would boost tobacco taxes

A Republican leader spearheading an effort to pass a GOP plan for expanding Medicaid in Kansas has drafted a proposal that is likely to upset conservatives because it would increase tobacco taxes and does not include a work requirement for program participants.


  1. Given the irrefutable health damage caused by smoking, smokers should be denied Medicaid anyway. Why should taxpayers be responsible for paying for the results of their nasty habit?

  2. tax all sugar sodas and nix all overweight ppl from medicaid too.

  3. As of 2006, and suspect has increased
    66.9% of US population is overweight.
    33.9% of US population is obese.

  4. overweight measured starting at 25 BMI
    obese starts at 30BMI
    American samoa is the the heaviest in the world with 93.5% overweight and 74.6% obese, often attributed to non traditional diet.

  5. They should deny coverage for ugly people too, leaving 10:02 out in the cold.


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