Kansas Short Term Loan Crackdown Awaits

A resource for getting money without bothering family members will soon confront more regulation thanks to po'folk unable to use the service responsibly. Meanwhile, this move pushes even more broke-ass locals to the even more dangerous world of sketchy online loans. Read more:

Payday Loans In Kansas Can Come With 391% Interest and Critics Say It's Time To Change

Maria Galvan used to make about $25,000 a year. She didn't qualify for welfare, but she still had trouble meeting her basic needs. "I would just be working just to be poor and broke," she said. "It would be so frustrating." When things got bad, the single mother and Topeka resident took out a payday loan.


  1. If Italians did it, it'd be called extortion. Stevie Dee

  2. If the government did it, it would be called a Democrat sponsored bill.


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