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For the insomniac late night denizens we offer a glimpse at the Kansas City discourse according to MSM reporters, pundits and then former Star colunsit Mary Sanchez still hanging the newsie crowd for some reason . . .

Check the description:

Nick Haines, Caroline Sweeney, Dave Helling, Mary Sanchez and Micheal Mahoney discuss the recent mass shooting in Kansas City, Kansas and concerns about how the court recently handled the shooters, the arrest of a 12-year-old girl who pointed a finger gun at classmates, the role of local police in immigration enforcement, the lack of local jobs for KCI project, Overland Park's NDO and much more.

Take a look:

You decide . . .


  1. One of the best shows in KC. Glad to see EVERYTHING hasn't devolved to the point of tweets and selfies.

    1. Um, what show were you watching?

      Two good comments here and then a lot of double talk and "told you so" rhetoric. I know these shows are important for the "discourse" but this is literally the only place I hear people talk like this.

  2. Lots of important stuff to cover, KC's descent into chaos..

  3. The cops are to blame. They were there and then left, presumably to go eat donuts. Don't blame it on the felons, their lack of any guidance in life, their parents, society, or anything else. It is all the cops fault. And if not the cops then the fault of guns. That Helling dude is right, it is all the guns fault.

  4. Lack of jobs always make people pack a gun and commit murder. Poor little crackhead just needed to feed his kids a little rock or two. None of the murder rate / mass shooting / urban culture of shooting a kid over nothing, has anything to do with lack of a job. Except that maybe the crackhead loitering people should be at a job instead of out playing the crackhead.

  5. Will be glad when Helling retires from public life, his opinions are generally worthless and he is so pompous.

  6. This show is so low level bottom of the barrel it's almost funny.

  7. It's a great show. Perhaps more of Tony's KC groupies should watch for some informed opinion versus just calling everything corrupt, with bigoted racist gay bashing. I often wonder that if the fixation on gay sexually reflects their interest when sexual orientation has nothing to do with with most topics. Are 'fag haters' actually repressed gay folks? Hum..

  8. They look like the "we talk for you" level on the capitalism pyramid. One tier above the "we eat for you" crowd.

  9. They come up with a solution for the property tax mugging?

  10. Roeland Park Police Chief and Council issued a directive to their officers to not assist federal ICE officers in enforcing laws to keep our community safe.


    All local media managers issued a directive to their staffs ordering them to continue assisting the Democratic National Committee to spread propaganda for the benefit of the Democratic Party.


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