Kansas City Weed Border War Underway???

Quick glimpse at how Kansas is getting left behind by way of draconian weed laws whilst Missouri celebrates more residents AND a growing industry capitalizing on America's favorite cash crop. Checkit:

Woman moves from Kansas to Missouri for cannabis help

FAIRWAY, KS (KCTV) -- With recreational pot legal in Colorado and medical marijuana legal in Oklahoma and soon to be in Missouri, Kansas is nearly surrounded by states with access to pot. So what does that mean for Kansans? Some are simply packing up and moving out, like Dawn Murrell, who called Kansas home for nearly five decades.


  1. So move.

    One less loser druggie on welfare in Kansas.

  2. She couldnt afford opiates in Kansas and moved to Missouri for CBD,bullshit

  3. Illinois will attract plenty of road trips from area once its recreational pot goes on sale. Screw the medical BS.


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