Sunday, October 20, 2019

Kansas City Tech Talk Inspiration: U.S. Biz FAILS To Capitalize On Skillz Of Ladies, People Of Color And Hayseeds!!!

A hopeful proposition and a broader definition of diversity is offered in this recent speech to an enthusiastic crowd. Checkit:

Kauffman, ECJC: Stagnant US entrepreneurship is a diversity issue that throwing money at Big Business won't fix

Women, people of color, and rural residents remain punished by systemic barriers to starting businesses, said Wendy Guillies in a nationwide call to action that unites powerful Kansas City entrepreneurism advocates. "America's economy is out of balance.


Anonymous said...

Most people just don't want the hassles of starting and running and keeping a business afloat and all the bullshit that goes with owning a business.

Nothing to do with diversity or barriers.

Anonymous said...

^^^ much less in an incoherent shit hole like Kansas City Mo

Charlie Horse said...

If you want to start a business in KC with all the hoops you'll jump through, think again very carefully.

Anonymous said...

A hayseed in KC? No! Say it isn’t so!!