Kansas City Survey Seyz Schools Still 'Separate And Unequal'

A more comprehensive take on a recent headline revealing that only 1% of 100K teachers in Missouri, Kansas are black men . . . However, despite our respect for fair representation, here's a questionable premise which speaks to the nation's inability to live in a diverse society: "Kids do better when they're taught by teachers who look like them."

Check national news following up the story and offering a better perspective without the paywall . . . Take a look:

The Urban League of Greater Kansas City's report on "The State of Black Kansas City" said KC schools are "still separate and unequal"

Last month, the Urban League of Greater Kansas City's report on "The State of Black Kansas City" concluded that schools here are "still separate and unequal" and called into question the lack of men of color teaching in district and charter school classrooms.


  1. Imagine that, kcps can’t produce any black kids smart enough to be teachers, but we all knew that already didn’t we.

  2. 5:24

    Yes we did.

  3. Could it be, that over the last several decades people chose to either move into, or out of Kansas City?
    The premise of the statement “separate and unequal “ implies that there is some law or government action that is forcing people to live where they don’t want to be
    It’s just that people are excersizing their own self interests in a free country

  4. Acario Grinchkuk10/11/19, 5:40 PM

    The Urban League of Greater Kansas City wants a quota system on the makeup of Kansas City teachers. Should not be a surprise to anyone.

  5. Who can blame black kids for not becoming teachers when the demmocrims give three or four times more money than a hard working no respect getting teacher makes to stay at home, make babies and live on welfare, if you don’t believe that then you are lying to yourself.

  6. So, what is the solution? Does anyone have an idea?

  7. ^^^ Yes go out and eat some barbecue! Drink some beer!

  8. Better title for the program...
    RACE BAITING 101..

  9. Chimpy ya got any solutions for 5:45?

  10. Not teaching unruly single mother brats is the smartest thing a blackman can do with a college education.

  11. I would hazard a guess here, that there are literally thousands of College Graduates with degrees in "Gender Studies", "African Basket Weaving" and "Nonprofit Administration" who could at least babysit our local skolars while they sat in class listening to Snoop.


  12. Everybody play the race card now. Maybe black men don't want to teach school. I can tell you that being a public school teacher is the most degrading job ever.

  13. The story appeared in the print Star several days ago, but it was nowhere to be found on eStar.

    One noteworthy claim by one of the academic "experts" is that school children learn better when the teachers look like them. In short, the Star is arguing for schools totally segregated by race, each employing teachers only of that race. So the nearly all-white JoCo schools will not have to hire black teachers, and the primarily Hispanic schools in KCK and Northeast KC will hire only Hispanic teachers.

    I'm down with that. Do it, and in a few years check the results.

  14. RE: The Urban League of Greater Kansas City's report on "The State of Black Kansas City" said KC schools are "still separate and unequal"


    When do you think the Urban League was formed?

    (from their website, verbatim)
    "The National Urban League is a historic civil rights organization dedicated to economic empowerment, equality, and social justice. Founded in 1910 and headquartered in New York City, the Urban League collaborates at the national and local levels with community leaders, policymakers and corporate partners across to elevate standards of living for African Americans and other historically underserved groups."

    So, they've been around since 1910, yet they haven't identified and solved the problem yet! And they never will, because that's not their objective. The Urban League is a private group, primarily dependent upon public tax dollars for support, and plans to exist into perpetuity as a political organization and easy jobs provider for their managers across the country. They accomplish little of substance every year.

    Let me draw your attention to the quoted passage above, direct from their website: "..the Urban League collaborates at the national and local levels with community leaders, policymakers and corporate partners across to elevate standards of living.."
    Does that make sense? Is that correct English? No, and no.

    Someone should start a Suburban League of Greater Kansas City to advocate for Caucasians, Christians, and other oppressed people. Apply for all the federal aid dollars possible and then hire your friends as staff. Aw, that would never work because all the White Christians want a real job.

  15. Charles Whitman10/11/19, 9:33 PM

    "...looks like them."
    I thought people needed to be color blind. Is that just white people?

  16. Unequal..like the ability to want to achieve.

  17. Yes, schools are still separate and unequal. The more damage that the Urban League does promoting integration and such... this proposition hasn’t worked in 50 years and it will never work. You can’t force people to like or work with you and that’s the bottom line. No matter how the schools system has failed it still doesn’t address the dysfunction within the Black community. Education is largely self-taught. You either do the work or you don’t. You either read the material or you didn’t. You either know how to add or you don’t. I wish Black people would stop pointing the finger. We always seem to make our way to the store for the latest Jordan shoe release. Use some of that time and energy in going to the library and reading a book or using YouTube to teach yourself a new skill. Problem is Black parents care more about cable tv than education. Even the ones with an education still manage to succumb to the dumb-down society of Blackness. Popeyes chicken sandwiches for everyone! Congratulations... you gave all your money and energy to the White man yet again.

  18. I was taught by nuns that were covered head to toe except for their faces. They didn't look like me and I learned. As a man, I wouldn't want to teach kids that might turn and accuse you of touching them.


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