Kansas City Star Rock Chalk Rape Drama Coverage: College Newspaper Redux?!?!

Here at TKC we feel sorry for newspaper subscribers given that they're paying top dollar for mostly partisan hackery that Twitter does much better for no cost and via smart phone app . . . Moreover, we wouldn't dare pick a side on a sordid story of alleged peccadilloes OR suspected felony charges. What we will say is that middle-aged pundits via blog or MSM are unlikely to know much about the complex world of bedroom politics in the #MeToo era.

For more info, venture down the rabbit hole, beyond the paywall and join a few hundred folks paying for the privilege to enjoy preaching to the choir . . . Checkit:

KU student in false report case texted 'LOL,' but that doesn't mean she wasn't raped

Nothing witnesses said under oath at a preliminary hearing - and oh, they said plenty - proves that a KU law student was raped by a classmate here last fall. It couldn't have, since police never investigated her allegations.


  1. If she was black, then make no mistake, we was raped by evil white crackers.

  2. Twana, how do you know for sure? Did their dicks shrivel up and fall off?

  3. ^^Ugh huh. Look into killing yourself please.

    1. Chimpy! Calm down. Even a monkey should know about Al Sharpton's racist, murderous, fraudulent past! Lol

  4. Nope. Have to agree that Chuck's comments are stupid. He needs to get to work!

  5. All because she wasn't raped, doesn't mean she wasn't raped, KC Star 10/3/2019

    Jesus fucking christ no wonder no on buys or subscribes to this shit anymore. That article read dumber than the livejournal I had when I was 17

  6. GOd knows that the sports teams have had a lot of problems with rape and sexual assault, often sponsored by the University chaperon program.


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