Friday, October 25, 2019

Kansas City Star Loses Patience With SecState Pompeo Teasing Senate Run

The newspaper knows he likely wins the vote by an EPIC margin and that will push back the "Blue/Pink" wave and create a strong bridge betwixt the Conservative establishment and MAGA Prez Trump fanboys . . . Here's dead-tree media showing their fear. Read more:

Mike Pompeo, either quit and run for U.S. Senate in Kansas or focus on your day job

If Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is running to replace retiring U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts, Republican of Kansas, then he should quit his rather important day job and do that. Or if, as he told The Star and The Wichita Eagle in a testy, credulity-straining interview on Thursday, he isn't even thinking about it, then he should by all means focus on U.S.


Anonymous said...

Noooooooo! We want someone who is so committed to keeping those rampaging, raping and pillaging Mexicans out of the country that he will support a wall in Colorado!

Run, Kris, run. With Ann Coulter's rants and Peter Thiel's money behind your campaign, who needs voters?

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^ LOL!

Anonymous said...

The KC Star doesn't have to pay property taxes, but I do.

Anonymous said...

Photo is in KCK.

Anonymous said...

KC Star readers lose patience with former paper teasing real journalism.

Anonymous said...

WTF KC Star - are you kidding? In the real world, people have jobs. They don't campaign for a hear and a half. Plus, why give the media any more time than necessary to criticize, poke holes, and tear down their entire life? Another reason the Star becomes less and less relevant.

Instead of BS editorials like this - focus on city, county, school district, and neighborhood issues that no one else is covering. The big kids have DC issues covered.

Anonymous said...

Do you mean like the entire Democratic party has remained focused on overturning the last election rather than doing anything else?

Anonymous said...

^^^ No, @9:01, they mean Pompeo is more interested in keeping his crooked ass out of Prison than he is in coming back to that asshole of the World to run for the Senate when he can see a blue Tsunami headed toward him.

Anonymous said...

Headline Correction:

Colleen Nelson, either quit and run for dog-catcher in Kansas or finally learn your day job of journalism.

Such a tremendous disappointment.

When you joined the newspaper, and ad campaign promised a "newly restructured editorial board" that would reflect diverse views from the community and across the political spectrum.

Of your current 7 editorial board members:
4 are White Males
2 are White Females
1 is a Black Male
NO Black Female representation.
NO Latino representation at all.

Anonymous said...

^^and nobody cares. Grow up.

Anonymous said...

The president apparently doesn't have a real job. He has never stopped campaigning or holding rallies. He opened his reelection fundraising on the same day as his inauguration. He officially announced at an Orlando rally and formally started running last June 18th.

Doesn't he have something better to do, like running a country?

His schedule seems to be watching TV, tweeting, bitching and moaning, and creating safe spaces to holds emotional support rallies to prop up his snowflake ego.

Anonymous said...

The Star (who the hell is Colleen Nelson) keeps getting worse...their e-edition is largely unnavigable... even after they “fixed” it.
News ... is largely tainted by a biased editorial board.
The Star hasn’t investigated its own stock price and made any radical changes.
Here’s a couple:
1. Dismiss the editorial board. It divides readers... and I am fairly certain that’s not good as you continue to lose readers by the bucketloads.
2. Hire some college kids to write sports and take pics. The old geysers that write now haven’t a clue about millennials and millennials would rather pound sand and vomit than get caught reading a old man’s writings or musings on why being at a wedding is better than covering football. Convince yourself and keep it real... no one else cares.
3. Give it away free. Your readership goes up. Ad revenue goes up. If they don’t read free... then time to pack it in and let InstaFace take over...or some social media that folks think is better.

And good luck with your almost-delisted-no-one-wants-your-crappy stock. Short it and get rich! Maybe it’s the Russians...

Anonymous said...

4:48- so the Prez doesn’t ha e a real job.
Best economic expansion.
Highest Black employment.
Highest 401k growth ever.
Most jobs created.
Lowest taxes ever for the poor.
More paid by the wealthy ever.
Better school lunches.
Wall being built.
Obama trade deficit erased... and then some.
Most fake news exposes (67% increase).
Most apologies by journalists per capita.
Most Green New Deals called out for failure ever.
Allowed dumbass reporters to let AOC defeat NY/NJ jobs from Amazon... showing how stupid she is.
Great run up on the stock market.

Prez. Is doing great at making Americans proud. Media shows their true colors.
Maybe the Star can hire Jayson Blair.

Clayton Bigsby said...

Funny,Obama did exactly the same

Byron Funkhouser said...

5:29 is drunk.

Most Americans are not proud.

They are embarrassed.

Anonymous said...

Pompeo's already said he's not running.

The Red Star's doing nothing but shitposting for attention.