Kansas City Star Blames 2nd Amendment Gun Rights For Deadly Tequila Bar Shooting

Like some desperate, washed-up blogger the so-called "paper-of-record" uses snuff pix as clickbait but won't get called on it by their dwindling cadre of hypocrite subscribers . . .

Even worse, local TV news was first to break more important news about sketchy probation deals. Moreover, our blog community and social media called out gang connections way before dead-tree scribes . . . But today the newspaper relies on shock value to try and amass a crowd as they publish typical anti-gun sentiment. Meanwhile, booze, illegal immigration and even lackluster private security are all equally at fault. Checkit:

Could a judge, cop or guard have stopped KCK shooting? Guns are the problem, some say

Shannon Watts was devastated when she woke up Sunday and saw the news. Her family had moved to Kansas City, Kansas, in the late 1990s. It wasn't considered an up-and-coming area, but it felt safe.


  1. I don’t blame guns. I blame Judge Kevin Harrell, Jean Petersucker Baker, alcohol, letting criminals run loose.


  2. Kansas City residents blame the red star for their ignorance by thinking you have a country when you have no boarders, and for thinking taking guns away from citizens will stop gangs from shooting you. Kansas City natives think the red star wants you to be a sitting duck. This is why the Kansas City red star is a sinking ship. Kansas City red star needs to learn what the 2nd Amendment is. Kansas City red star is an American hating totalitarian waste of time. The Kansas City red star is the cause of this and they know it.

  3. Even Jean Petersucker Baker knew the Mexican should not have received probation, for once, but she was too inept to get it done

  4. Why can't the Star blame Judge Kevin Harrell who no doubt could have kept this needless shooting from happening. Guns had nothing to do with it as the persons doing the shooting were not suppose to be in possession of a gun to begin with. These scumbags should not have been let out to roam the streets so as to inflict more pain and suffering upon their victims.

    The Star should be screaming for Judge Kevin Harrell to step down.

    Jean Peters Baker should also be screaming for this Judge to be removed as his action put this scumbag back out on the street after her Assistant argued against letting the scumbag out on reduced bail or ROR.

    This city doesn't need a downtown stadium it needs a new freaking jail to contain the trash in.

  5. ^^^ Petersucker signs off on the judges recommendations and in most cases recommends her usual probation to the judge, she can pretend all day long that it’s someone else’s fault but they both have to agree to whatever sentence is handed down, she’s your typical lyin cheatin crooked demmocrim prosecutor, the problem is, we all know she’s worthless and we are on to her complete and utter failure to protect and serve the taxpaying citizens that she swore an oath too. Impeach the dumb bitch now!

  6. ^^^^^Ummmmmmm you're wrong fool, the judge made the dessission and Baker had nothing to do with it, she wasn't even in the courtroom that day. While I have no love for Baker this one time she is innocent on the matter.

    Jackson County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Stephanie Sang filed a motion for the state of Missouri to oppose Alatorre’s bond reduction Sept. 4 on the grounds that he was a flight risk with a habit of skipping court appearances and a danger to the community.

    Five days later, Judge Kevin D. Harrell disregarded the motion to oppose the bond reduction, allowing Alatorre to be released from jail on his own recognizance.

  7. Just another opinion piece in the Star masquerading as a news "story".
    It's always easy to tell when a "reporter" has an agenda and point of view they want to get to, but try to make believe that they're actually reporting the news.
    Phrases like "some people say", or "many polls indicate", or a number of experts have concluded" are all dead giveaways of the writer heading for the conclusion they've already reached.
    The Star has decided that guns are the issue and behavior, lack of common decency, lack of emotional control, and utter disregard for human life are all irrelevant.
    So the carnage continues.
    What's actually irrelevant are the Star's points of view.

  8. Journalism speak for when a reporter wants to give his own opinion but the newspaper will not let him quote himself: "some say...."

    Journalism speak for when a reporter has no clue about the facts underlying a story: "it is unclear...."

    Between the two professions, prostitution is the more honest.

  9. The Judge basically killed four people, indirectly. The catholic church refused to do a funeral service for one of the victims. What does that mean???

  10. Ummmmmmmmmmmm, could be that the victim's relatives didn't provide an authenticated copy of the original baptismal certificate, or the deceased isn't a registered parishioner. Plus, this area's diocese, like most of them in the nation, require a fee for a burial Mass. There are fees for weddings and baptisms at some parishes. That's been Archdiocese of KC policy for a few decades, that I know of.


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