Kansas City Star Advocates Against Police

At a time when crime is ramping up to end the year, the so-called paper-of-record is taking aim at authorities and demands more discipline against the dearth of officers on the street. More info for the sucker subscribers who actually pay for this:

Filing a complaint about a KC police officer? Only a tiny fraction spur any action

Civilian oversight agencies play an important role in holding police officers accountable for misconduct and in giving voice to the community. But in Kansas City, those voices too often are silenced. Only a tiny fraction of complaints about Kansas City police officers leads to any sort of discipline.


  1. Hath the bearded Guru Helling spoketh again?

  2. The Kansas City police department is corrupt... The complaints are few and far between due to the lack of action on the part of the police, not the lack of action on the part of the oversight organizations. Call 911 and wait 10-20 minutes for an answer; and then wait another 6 hours for a police officer to arrive, if ever.

  3. The bosses behind the police run Kansas City with fear and intimidation. But the public likes that "River Town Mean" they call "Midwestern Nice" which means anyone can wake up dead with a firearm planted on them. Alvin Brookes is running neck and neck with Emmanuel Cleaver to see who will be the chunk of coal put in children's stockings this Christmas.

  4. Looking for news in your local paper?
    Only a tiny fraction slips through.

  5. in The 1950’s in Jacksonville NC the mayor and town leaders were complaining about all the Marines coming into town from the local marine base. So the commanding general had everybody paid in 2 dollar bills which flooded the town business, there by showing just how much the town needed them
    The KCPD should take a week off so people can see what it’s like without them

  6. ^^^ doubt much would change really, all I ever see them do is run code one to a, you guessed it, murder scene just so 30 of them can hang out for 3-5 hours....... now you know why they’re never around.

  7. What happens when you file a complaint against the red star........


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