Kansas City Squatters Stay Winning!!!

Nice shot and report on this town's limited ability to cope with longstanding trash problems mostly caused by horrible neighbors. Take a look:

Blight, trash pileup in KC neighborhood blamed on squatters who refused to leave house

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- City investigators are blaming squatters for trash and junk piling up in an eastside neighborhood near 31st Street and Stark Avenue. FOX 4 reported in August that neighbors were frustrated by all the garbage and bulky items left on private property by a man who claimed to be living in a home as a legal tenant.


  1. Gee, I don't understand why people don't invest in more low income housing?

  2. ^^^ that’s funny right there!

    Stupid dummocraps.

    Where are the police?

  3. Looks like a pretty typical West Plaza yard to me.

  4. So you wanna be a landlord? People that OWN homes in these neighborhoods are getting real tired of flippers. Guess this guy got the short end of the stick. Too bad for you.

  5. Jesus Christ10/5/19, 2:39 AM

    12:33 - Smart flippers wouldnt invest in neighborhoods that should be torn down, but here is the thing! Low rent flippers if they were land lords would be scumlords. When wanna be dumb investors flip homes in the ghetto, their only prospect will be anyone who is moving here from out of town and doesnt know the neighborHOOD! These greedy motherfuckers are after the dime, anyone who lives in this city knows where NOT to live! And anyone who buys a property on the courthouse steps for a property in the HOOD - you are one dumb motherfucker!


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