Friday, October 25, 2019

Kansas City Scares Up Ghoulish History Amid Haunting Halloween 2019 Countdown

Guilty pleasure for the late night and to conclude #TBT posting. On this dark, scary evening we remember that Larry Moore's scary stories at the end of October newscasts were actually kind of fun and 'lil TKC enjoyed them quite a bit.

Here's an apropos old school Midtown Kansas City story for tonight . . .

Kelly's Westport Inn is full of spirits, and not just the kind that come in a bottle

Let's not forget this place played a part in the slave trade which is also frightening but in the wrong way AND we're trying to stay upbeat for the late night.

Accordingly, here's a nice Visit KC clip that has fun with the holiday, maybe gets a bit too dramatic and also lists off a few safely scary locations where parents can take youngsters to celebrate the holiday OR spots where hipsters can go urban exploring . . . It's up to readers to determine the difference.

"When fall arrives and Halloween spirits descend upon Kansas City, put your courage to the test against the things that go bump in the night with the metro’s most frightening haunted houses and attractions."

Take a look:

Hopefully, more for the morning update for those of us lucky enough to survive through the night.