Kansas City Royals Finished With Dayton???

Fans seem to be hoping for a house cleaning as new ownership arrives and hopefully invests in a team based on something besides moneyball luck. Read more:

Kansas City Royals: Extending Dayton Moore right now would be a mistake

I believe that Dayton Moore can be a good general manager. Taking a team owned by David Glass and winning two pennants plus a World Series is an incredible feat. And beyond the analysis and judgments it takes to decide which players to choose and invest in, Moore has shown himself to be a very decent man when it comes to dealing with the human side of the business.


  1. Coaches are hired to be fired. Next....

  2. And after spending 1 bil for ownership, why would anyone believe there'll be $$ to hire decent ballers?

  3. The Royals got LUCKY in 2015, it will be another 25+ years before the stands are filled to the brim again. When the greedy owner doesnt spent the money to keep good players neither will the fans spend their hard money to watch a shit show.


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